Inaya Medical Colleges

Infection Prevention Control Unit


The director of the IPC Committee responsible for ensuring that there are effective arrangements for infection prevention and control within the Trust. These arrangements include the provision of an Infection Control Team that is supported by a Director of Infection Prevention and Control.

The Director of the IPC Committee will support the Infection Control Team in their fulfillment of its Infection Control Plan and will:

  • Oversee the local Infection Prevention and Control Policies and their implementation.
  • Take steps to ensure that staff adheres to the Infection Prevention and Control Policy Manual.
  • Chair the Infection Control Committee submit its report directly to the IMC Dean.
  • Present the Annual Infection Prevention and Control Report IMC College Council.


  • Develop IPC educational Program for all IMC staff & Employees.
  • Strives to minimize Health care Associated Infections.
  • Formulates, Implements and revise infection Control policies and procedures.
  • Discuss any infection prevention and control related problems brought to them.
  • Advices on the purchase of equipment where applicable.
  • Report on the incidence and prevalence of the alert microorganisms and important infectious diseases.
  • Reviews outbreaks of infections and how outbreaks must be managed and might be prevented.
  • Assists in the planning and development of services that are relevant to infection control.
  • Monitor and advice in specific areas for hygiene and infection control (water sources, Occupational Health etc.)
  • Receives the monthly reports of infection prevention and control from IMC programs.
  • Ensure that reports are acted upon by the management.