Scientific degree: Bachelor Degree

Job title: Medical Devices Specialist


Currently the health care sector is expanding rapidly aided by the advances of medical technology. Huge volume of medical information is becoming available to health care personals. To maintain such sophisticated technologies requires high level skilled specialists in the area of instrumentation and medical informatics. At the moment, the dependence on foreign expertise is high for running health care systems.

The demand for Biomedical Technology Specialists is increasing in several areas:

  • Academic institutions, where medical equipment are used for training and research.
  • Healthcare institutions (public and private).
  • Medical equipment industry.
  • Sales and marketing of medical equipment.

The health sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding resulting in the introduction of new technologies in medical institutions. The national need for specialists in the field of medical technology arises and becomes a national priority. Training in this area is required urgently. This program will graduate the highly needed specialists in the field of quality control, maintenance, management, installation and upgrading of medical equipment in KSA.


The vision of the BMT Department is to be a role model and a nationally leading in medical equipment technologies that serves and shape the future of health care systems in KSA.


The department seeks to graduate specialists equipped with engineering fundamentals of medical devices and biological systems and who are able to apply these principles and theories in management and technical analysis of medical devices to meet the needs of healthcare market while keeping abreast of technological development in the field of medical devices in the Kingdom.


  1. Provide a distinct academic program in biomedical technologies and according to the quality standards of national and international academic accreditation.
  2. Graduating national cadres specialized in the installation, operation and maintenance of medical equipment.
  3. Preparation of outstanding staff of professional and research skills highly competent in medical devices techniques.
  4. Meet the needs of health care market while keeping abreast of technological development in the field of medical devices (medical device industry, applications, maintenance …etc).
  5. Having sound knowledge of safety Procedures and the ability to apply strictly medical equipment safety rules.


  • Quality control and medical equipment service specialist.
  • Medical informatics sector specialist.
  • Electrical and medical equipment safety specialist in health institutions.
  • Medical equipment representative.
  • Design and upgrading of medical equipment.
  • Specialist on information and communication technologies.
  • Academic opportunities to be a researcher of Biomedical Technology Science.

Graduation requirements: Students are required to complete 136 credit hours in a four-year period and obtain cumulative GPA 2 out of 5 at least. A one-year internship is also required to achieve a Bachelor’s degree.

All the followed academic plans of all specialities in the college are accredited by The National Committee for Academic Assessing and Accreditation and the Shrine of the Ministry of Higher Education.