Measurement and Data Unit (MDU) is IMC’s data warehouse.


  1. Encourage and develop mechanisms for institution wide commitment to quality involvement in the Institution Quality strive and its quality management process.
  2. Provide oversight in the development of policies, processes, procedures, and people capacity and capability related to institution wide quality management.
  3. Provide oversight in the management and monitoring for quality performance through measurement of quality accomplishments and achievements.
  4. Provide oversight in the development of the quality systems, evaluation and assessment mechanisms that underscore quality development leading to continuous improvements.
  5. Provide oversight governance and guidance to all levels of services and supports for quality management.
  6. Support the development of the Institutional Quality Strategic Plan, Institutional research and the Institutional Self-Study plan including goals, objectives and time frame of the whole self-study process.
  7. Review all evidences including, statistics, information and documents developed by subcommittees or taskforces of the Institutional Self-Study leading to the finalization of the context and content of the Institution SSR.