Respiratory therapists are critical members of the health care team who apply scientific principles to prevent, identify and treat acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system in a diverse patient population, from newborns and children to adults and the elderly.

Inaya Medical College is the first institution in Saudi Arabia to offer a Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy (MSRT) degree. The program has a uniquely designed curriculum that offers outstanding leadership and advanced practice preparation in multiple areas, including critical care, cardiopulmonary diagnostics, research and education.


The vision of the program is to produce quality graduates who meet the expectations of the communities of interest served by the program, to establish and maintain an excellent national reputation, and to be a leader in innovative educational endeavors in the profession.


The Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy (MSRT) program provides evidence-based high quality Respiratory Therapy sciences education and conducts impact research focused on the promotion and preservation of the health and well-being of the community.


  1. To improve scientific and clinical competencies of practicing Respiratory Therapists and train them in specialized areas of respiratory therapy, which enhance the services they offer to the community.
  2. To train graduates to support scientific creativity and innovation in the design, development, and presentation of scientific research and clinical studies.
  3. To encourage graduates to develop and to be updated with the latest developments of science and technology in the field of Respiratory Therapy.
  4. To enable distinguished Respiratory Therapy bachelor degree holders to continue their postgraduate studies locally.

Study Plan

Level 1 AMS 511 Advanced Biostatistics Required None 3
Level 1 AMS 512 Leadership and Management Required None 3
Level 1 AMS 513 Research Methodology Required None 3
Level 1 AMS 514 Health Outcomes and Quality Assessment Required None 3
Level 2 RTS 521 Advanced Mechanical Ventilation Required None 3
Level 2 RTS 522 Seminars in Respiratory Therapy I Required AMS 511
AMS 513
Level 2 RTS 523 Advanced Respiratory Physiology Required AMS 511
AMS 513
Level 3 & 4 RTS 600 Thesis Required RTS 522
RTS 523