Scientific degree: Bachelor Degree

Job title: Nuclear Medicine Technology Specialist


Nuclear medicine is one of the specialties that have its role in the management of patients through different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The program of Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) at INAYA MEDICAL COLLEGE is designed to develop an up-to-date knowledge and skills within the field of Nuclear Medicine technology.

The program is ultimately aimed at preparing students to develop ability to assess, plan, implement and carry out the proper NMT procedures for patients according to their needs and health conditions. Learners will be supported and encouraged to advance their interpersonal skills, developing flexibility, accountability and employability.

Nuclear Medicine program provide a challenging, interesting and innovative undergraduate curriculum which equips students with the highest levels of knowledge, competence and attitudes appropriate to the effective and empathic practice of Nuclear Medicine Professional. NMT program graduates technologists with originality and breadth of vision who will be leaders and innovators in every area of medical practice and solving problems both as individuals and within teams for Nuclear Medicine practice.


Pioneer in nuclear medicine technology education and research.


The mission of the NMT program is to provide competent professional Nuclear Medicine technologist through quality of education, research, and community services to meet the complexity and diversity of healthcare settings.


  • Prepare nuclear medicine technology specialist who possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice.
  • Provide an excellent environment for the Applied Medical Research publication.
  • Actively participate in the service and development of Saudi society in nuclear medicine field.
  • Reinforcement effective partnerships with educational organizations and research centers of excellence both internally and externally in nuclear medicine field.


There are several activities that have been performed and still performing on regular basis in the department such as:

  • Prepare a complete research project by assistance of one of the staff members in a nuclear medicine field.
  • Preparation of the graduate students for the exam of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
  • Field community services for Saudi community.
  • Regular meeting with the department chairman to facilitate any obstacles in the teaching process.


Department of nuclear medicine technology in IMC is equipped with all the required devices for Nuclear Medicine training for high level of knowledge and practices, such as:

  • Up to-date Gamma Camera equipped with five workstations for processing.
  • Nuclear medicine hot laboratory with all the required components and devices.
  • Partnerships with high caliber hospitals and medical centers in the field of nuclear medicine for student training and for internship.

Graduation requirements: Students are required to complete 130 credit hours in a four-year period and obtain cumulative GPA 2 out of 5 at least. A one-year internship is also required to achieve a Bachelor’s degree.

All the followed academic plans of all specialities in the college are accredited by The National Committee for Academic Assessing and Accreditation and the Shrine of the Ministry of Higher Education.