Scientific degree: Bachelor Degree

Job title: Nursing Specialist


Nursing department is viewed as the heart of the health care services and plays a vital role in the promotion of health and quality of life. The department was established since (12/10/1432) corresponding (10/09/2011) to provide high quality of nursing education and practice and it was committed for continuous improvement of the nursing program to meet the national standards, satisfy community needs and the complexity and diversity of healthcare settings.


The Department of Nursing at Inaya Medical College aspires to be nationally recognized in the nursing program in education, research and service.


To prepare high qualified nursing students through introducing scientific material according to the modern concepts of nursing and clinical skills in order to improve health through excellence and innovation in student-centered learning and academic success, research and engagement in communities.


  1. Unique and innovative contributions to healthcare
  2. Self-directed learning
  3. Collaborative and diverse learning environments
  4. Respectful relationships
  5. Nursing leadership


The department Aspires to help the students acquire knowledge, skills, and behavior that are necessary to enable them to apply the principles and concepts of nursing in different nursing specialties.


  • To update, develop and specify the academic curriculum according to national and international criterion.
  • To upgrade the nursing activities that relate to the academic process in different nursing fields.
  • To upgrade the academic level and the skills of the teaching staff by holding workshops and training courses.
  • To improve the quality of the students' performance in the nursing laboratories and training places in health care services.
  • To interact with the society and involve this society in solving some of the health problems to improve the health level of all its members.
  • To participate in supporting the continued education for the nursing staff in the college hospitals by holding ongoing seminars and training courses.

Graduation requirements: Students are required to complete 130 credit hours in a four-year period and obtain cumulative GPA 2 out of 5 at least. A one-year internship is also required to achieve a Bachelor’s degree.

All the followed academic plans of all specialties in the college are accredited by The National Committee for Academic Assessing and Accreditation and the Shrine of the Ministry of Higher Education.