The College's philosophy is based on the core values of higher education. The most important values are to provide quality education supported by the fundamentals of academic excellence. It is the main objective of the College through the efforts of its entire staff, to create an environment for the students of general education which promotes tolerance and seeks knowledge throughout life and dedication to freedom of expression. The graduates of Inaya College who will work in the beloved Kingdom will contribute to the advancement of scientific and practical methods as well as contributing to the overall advancement of knowledge for the common good through theCustodian of the two Holy Mosques’ scholarship for our students. Also make more effort to cultivate and promote respect for people as human beings without distinction of sex, hold or doctrine. The College provides opportunities to get higher education and support services to achieve individual goals for each student. The College recognizes its role as an integral part of society, as an independent and education process leading to the development of interactive relationships with the community. Thus by providing quality programs and contributing to the economic growth of the community. And finally to be an active and productive member in an increasingly global environment.