The goal of accreditation is to confirm that education delivering through colleges and universities of higher learning meets certain quality standards and criteria required by national and international accreditation agencies.


  1. Establishing long term plan including goals, and timetable and facilitating IMC’s institutional and programmatic accreditation processes;
  2. Delivering awareness programs and workshops to ensure IMC’s community understanding of the NCAAA and other international accreditation organizations accreditation requirements;
  3. Devising different data and information collection methods, tools and instructions to gather evidences of performance;
  4. Assisting IMC in conducting institutional and program level wide campus self-evaluation and assessment according to accreditation agencies requirements;
  5. Communicating and coordinating external reviews visits for institutional and program accreditation purposes;
  6. Providing support to the College in preparing institutional and program-related documentation including self-evaluation reports and associated evidence of practice according to the accreditation requirements.