Inaya Medical College applies an intellectual academic system in which the academic study is divided on two semesters, 16 weeks per semester. Freshman year is a preparatory year that comprises all the subjects of the main medical specializations. Students should proceed gradually through the preparatory year according to the executive rules regulated by the IMC Board of Trustees. The academic plans are designed to allow the students to attain their bachelor of science in eight semesters at least for the university stage.

Students are expected to attend theoretical lectures as well as practical classes. Should the rate of attendance fall below the minimum rate stated by the Board of Trustees, the student will be denied from the final exam.

Students have the right to withdraw from a semester during a specific time determined by the Board of Trustees and they will be eligible readmission.

Students have the right to withdraw from one subject or more during the semester only for adequate reasons according to the rules stated by the IMC Board of Trustees.

Students of IMC who successfully meet all the conditions and requirements stated in the academic plan will graduate and have the BSc.