Student Advisory

The Respiratory Therapy Sciences (RTS) Program strives to provide its students with high quality student services. One of these services is academic advisory, which is more critical than just the selection of majors and minors and the scheduling of classes. We believe that academic advising is a support service to our students, making available the best possible guidance tools, to assist them in making life choices which will be personally rewarding and fulfilling.

The Student is the focus and the target of teaching and learning process, and must be provided with the support needed during the academic educational process, this includes making a streamlined study plan and enabling the student to complete the plan within the planned time.

While the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about goals and educational plan rests with the student, the advisor facilitates the student's decision-making process and helps identify and assess alternatives and consequences of decisions.

The primary purpose of academic advising is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans compatible with their goals, focusing on the following activities:

  1. Assisting students in developing and evaluating an educational plan and progress toward life goals and objectives.
  2. Assisting students in; decision –making skills that pertain to educational, career and personal goals.
  3. Accessing campus and community resources that will enhance educational success
  4. Self-understanding of abilities, interests, aptitudes and limitation.
  5. Providing accurate and timely information about institutional policies, procedures, resources and programs.

To facilitate this process, the RTS program provides its students with online appointment scheduling to set up a meeting at a convenient time for both, the student and advisor.

Please, click on your advisor’s name from the list below and follow the simple prompts to schedule your appointment.