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Dear fellow students

Our message is not dedicated only to our interested students, but also to the guardian parents. our message to all, is that we are here to present to you our extended experience in delivering knowledge, and surround our students with a rich academic environment, and to lift them up to a distinct higher level of refinement, discipline and education.

We welcome our students with a great deal of open mindedness, and a true desire to lead them along the way to the fruitful final destiny, that is the graduation with a higher education degree, which will entitle them to hold vital and important positions, and to lead in their different designated fields.

We will participate in building our successful new generation of highly educated, effective graduates, and help them pay back their dues to their society, in order to help in building their country.

We in our department put ourselves, all our experiences, and our entire facilities of experienced staff, lecture rooms, auditoriums, libraries, and laboratories, at your disposal, to walk hand in hand on the road of success.

Abdallah Al Sabooni
CHAIRMAN, Basic Medical Sciences