BMS/Foundation was founded in the year 2011 as Inaya Medical College opened its doors for students, since the BMS is the very basic corner stone in the educational and teaching process.

The BMS/Foundation are dedicated to prepare our new entrée students for excellence as they graduate from either program and prevail in the applied medical and health care education that accompanies our mission and goals to prepare and produce professional graduates in applied medical science and health care education.

BMS/Foundation (Basic Medical sciences / Foundation) at Inaya Medical College(IMC) is the preliminary and preparatory year for the following years of the other eight programs offered programs at IMC.


Is to be recognized as one of leaders in healthcare education in KSA, and to see the bright future close and clear and in our reach, and set the standards to provide the best in education and knowledge.


Is to give our students the means to cross to the shore of safety of establishing a sure and secure future in the market place.

We at Inaya Medical College exist to last; we are here to continue strong and solid, and we are building a brand name for us, and in the march of the educational process we want to take the lead. We are intending on providing superiority, we aim to be the elite, we except no less than the front.

We surround our students with the ultimate healthy atmosphere, of scientific environment, most advanced labs on the level of the kingdom, we accommodate our student needs with very experienced teams possible, we prepare and build our students, to stand tall and strong.


We aim to facilitate the need for our students, and walk with them threw their studying years, to ultimately produce highly qualified graduates, that can compete in the market place.

Also to keep providing the genuine superiority in education, morals, and faith in our teaching standards.

We are here to build the person inside of them that they aspires to be.


What we provide at Inaya Medical College is the summation of, scientific knowledge, clinical experience, self confidence, clear vision, and a variety of choices.