Basic Medical Sciences

BMS/Foundation was founded in the year 2011 as Inaya Medical College opened its doors for students, since the BMS is the very basic corner stone in the educational and teaching process. Read More

Full Name Title Extension Email Address
Abdullah Gasim, M.ed Lecturer in chemistry 122
Al-Assad Omar, PhD Associate Professor 183
Amal Abu Mustafa, MSc Lecturer in Chemistry 287
Ata Sedik Elsayed, PhD Assistant Professor in Physiology 247
Aya Mohamed Serry, Lecturer in Pharmacology and Pathophysiology 261
Dalia Mirghani Sadaabi, MSc Lecturer in Computer Science 270
Dr. Abdallah Al Sabooni Anatomy Histology and Embryology + Pharmacology instructor 171
Huda Mohammed Alotaibi Lecturer in chemistry 259
Jamal Zaghloul, B.A. Lecturer in English 170
Jameel Alwan Ali Megrad, PhD Lecturer in Arabic Language 179
Manal Yakoub Ali, MSc Lecturer in Arabic 141
Mariam Alaslan, BA Lecturer in Physics 260
Mohamed Ragab Youssef, PhD Assistant professor in Molecular Physiology 228
Mohammad Al Owaisi, PhD Director Of Admissions ,Registration and Students Affairs 161
Motasim Alatieh , MSc Lecture in biochemistry 166
Ms. Abrar Al-bogami Lecturer in Biology and Microbiology 152
Ms. Eman Algarni Lecturer 238
Noha Soliman, MSc Lecturer in Biochemistry 195
Reem Almashouq Lecturer in English 130
Sharfi Mustafa Abbass, MSc Lecturer in computer science 241
Sobia Ikram Haque Lecturer 264
Sujood Alazzam, Msc Lecturer in Physics 143
Walaeldin Salaheldin Osman lab instructor 122
Warda Saad Alktheri Islamic Lecturer 167
Zyad Ahmed Tawfik, MSc Lecturer in Physics 190