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Biomedical Technology BMT “Biomedical Engineering”, “Bioengineering” or “Biological Engineering” as named internationally has become an extreme demand for healthcare and is currently expanding rapidly. The development of BMT can provide a broad range of effective screening and therapeutic treatments for assisting health care system. At Inaya Medical College, we seek to graduate highly competent Biomedical Technologist in medical devices, biomaterials, biosensors physiological modelling and biological systems. We prepare our graduates to apply the learned principles into practice to manage, maintain and repair of medical devices.

The course is undertaken over five years and graduates should successfully complete 136 credit hours and one year of internship. The BMT academic staffs are caliper who have a strong background in engineering including biomedical, electronic and electrical engineering, life sciences, medicine as well as a research.

For more details of study plan and the future career opportunities, you may visit our website.

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Emad Malaekah, PhD
CHAIRMAN, Biomedical Technology