The directorate is the gate way to the college education. After the students are accepted by the admissions unit, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Ministry of Education, their educational progress is securely maintained and continuously updated by the Registration (Med gate) till graduation.

The Directorate renders easy, accurate and fast services to the students during the process of admission and all the registration activities. In order to facilitate the educational career of the students, the directorate provides academic advisory to students in coordination with the academic advisors.

The Directorate also provides the required data to the Academic hierarchy as well as the concerned administrative bodies of the college. The data of all the students are periodically uploaded electronically to the ministry of education.

Objectives of the Directorate:

  1. Accepting eligible students irrespective of nationality, gender and culture.
  2. Providing quick and accurate customer oriented services to the students and the teaching staff.
  3. Implementing the academic instructions and decisions of the college council.
  4. Executing all the academic activities (registering courses, withdrawal, denial, postpone, etc. during the semester in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college and ministry of education.
  5. Maintaining secured electronic data records of all the students which are continuously upgraded.
  6. Continuous development of the capabilities of the Directorate employees.
  7. Implementing the development plans of the quality assurance.

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