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Welcome to the emergency medical services and Critical care program in Inaya Medical College and thank You for your interest in our program.

The Emergency medical services and Critical Care program is a regular full time 4-year course work program followed by 1 year of internship and resulting in a Bachelors of emergency medical services and critical care.

Course work in the department is provided on campus, utilizing full time expert faculty. We are proud of our reputation among the campus as student – oriented Program, our faculty has experience in both clinical and operational aspects of EMS and Many maintain current certification in SCHS, as well as AHA and SHA as ACLS, APLS and ITLS instructor. Founded in 2011, We are one of the oldest emergency medical Baccalaureate programs in the Kingdom and the first ever who allowed female students to be engaged in the program and we are honored that the first ever two female critical care paramedics licensed by SCHS in the whole kingdom is our graduates.

Several classes have been graduated already and many of them were employed in different health care facilities as Saudi red crescent and different emergency departments in both governmental and private hospitals.

It has been overwhelming to see the development and the progress of EMS program in Inaya medical college since its foundation.

With the Commitments, High spirits and innovative ideas of its members, EMS has been striving hard to achieve its mission of being the best EMS program nationwide and to graduate leaders in the rapidly developing field of emergency medical services. I hope you find the information contained in our web site useful, if you need any additional information do not hesitate to call.


Dr. Miada Mahmoud Rady , MD
CHAIRMAN, Emergency Medical Services and Critical Care