Nursing Science

Nursing department is viewed as the heart of the health care services and plays a vital role in the promotion of health and quality of life. The department was established since (12/10/1432) corresponding (10/09/2011) to provide high quality of nursing education and practice and it was committed for continuous improvement of the nursing program to meet the national standards, satisfy community needs and the complexity and diversity of healthcare settings. Read More

Full Name Title Extension Email Address
Alphonsa Mary Joseph Lecturer in mental health nursing 272
Amany EZZ eLdin, phd Assistant Professor of Medical Surgical Nursing 275
Amira Tag Mohamed Assistant Professor 123
Hanaa Hammad , Msc lecturer 150
Hiba Alhadad Lecturer in Nursing 244
Khalid Ahmad Khalil Daamseh Lecturer 173
Rawhia Salah Saleh Dogham Assistant Professor in Nursing Education 210
Rock Cordero Lecturer in nursing 162