By the grace of God upon our Kingdom, tremendous developments in education have occurred. In particular, general and higher education have been affected due to the acceleration in modern technology. These developments will help to shape a bright future for the sons and daughters of this great nation. An idea was then blessed by two holy masques promoting a renaissance of scientific medical care. Along with a declaration by the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz; our medical teaching facility was created. Created with the vision of upgrading the healthcare services in the Kingdom by providing quality programs in many specialty disciplines of the medical field. By creating a positive and nourishing environment of learning, students are motivated to upgrade their skills and become true professionals in their chosen medical fields. Preparing them for the requirements needed to practice their skills proudly throughout the Kingdom and the world. Preparing students to be the leaders of our future, the force moving our great Kingdom to the forefront of the medical community around the world is our focus. Creating students that have marketable skills above the average student will give our students an edge what can be a very competitive employment market.

The education you will receive at Inaya Medical College will build a foundation of skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Your qualifications as an expert in your field will benefit you and the Kingdom for a lifetime.

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Dr. Sami Al Abdulkarim

Chairman of the Board of Trustees