The college offers the Bachelor degree in the following programs:

No. Program Job Title No. of Credit Hours
1 Clinical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Laboratory Specialist 134 Crd. Hrs.
2 Biomedical Technology Medical equipment Specialist 136 Crd. Hrs.
3 Nuclear Medicine Technology Nuclear Therapy Specialist 130 Crd. Hrs.
4 Radiological Sciences Radiology Specialist 136 Crd. Hrs.
5 Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy Specialist 134 Crd. Hrs.
6 Dental Health Care Oral and Dental Care Specialist 139 Crd. Hrs.
7 Emergency Medical Services and Critical Care Emergency Medical Care Specialist 137 Crd. Hrs.
8 Nursing Nursing Specialist 134 Crd. Hrs
9 Health Informatics Health Informatics Specialist 131 Crd.Hrs
10 Health Administration Health Administration Specialist 133 Crd. Hrs