Inaya Medical Colleges

Infection Prevention Control Unit

The Infection Prevention and Control Committee in Inaya Medical Colleges is committed to provide clear direction to help everyone, create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, staff a as well as employee's and visitors, minimize infection and infection potential and prevent or reduce the risk of disease transmission by instituting and maintaining measures for identification, prevention, investigation, reporting and control of infection.

It is the ethical and legal responsibility of every one to protect their students, colleagues and themselves from acquiring infection by practicing safe patient care practice. Safety, however, is everyone’s responsibility and the Infection Control Committee cannot ensure a safe workplace without the help and support of everyone in the IMC.

The Infection Control Guidelines have been developed to clarify the standard of care and increase awareness within the IMC regarding the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and, thus, to increase compliance with safety measures, particularly Standard Precautions. The Infection Control Manual constitutes the infection control protocols, policies and procedures to be implemented and monitored for safe practice within the Colleges. The Infection Control Committee believes that continuing infection control education is essential for the professional growth, development and orientation of all new staff and employees.

Infection Prevention and Control