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The government has placed a high priority on implementing of the Saudisation policy emphasizing on increasing the number of Saudi citizens in the workforce. The number of Saudi nurses is still limited, therefore there is a great need to continue to increase recruitment efforts to train Saudi nurses so that culturally appropriate holistic care can be delivered. Additionally, the nursing bachelor degree holders are not adequate to meet the health care needs in the Kingdom.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in the Nursing Science Department at Inaya Medical College IMC. The composition of the curriculum of Nursing Science program at IMC meets international standards, Ministry of Education requirements, Saudi Commission for Health specialties licensure and reflects the vision of IMC. Students enrolling for the Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree undergo five years which are allocated to lectures, high fidelity simulated labs work and clinical practice. The entirely English curriculum is designed to maximize the nursing theoretical knowledge, as well as teach clinical and practical skills before students become registered nurses. The final year of the five years’ course is an internship period in clinical practice, offering the students an opportunity to consolidate their skills and knowledge.

Rawhia Salah Saleh Dogham
CHAIRMAN, Nursing Science